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Traditionnal Auction

Live a unique experience!!

Our traditional auctions are great opportunities to meet the buyer's community and also to let you know while having fun to bet on lots that interest you. Share this activity with your friends and family, our auctions are not just a matter of getting goods but are actually great opportunities to have fun while shopping!

Do not believe the myths!

There is no minimum investment to participate, no need to have a business or have special skills. To win, nothing is simpler, you have to bet and if you are the last bidder; you win! Better still, you can do it without even moving.

At Phoenix Auctions, we make it our duty to have quality lots, interesting items and we refuse to place items of least interest in the auction in order to mark the process as well as possible!

  The facts before all!

  • You do not have to be an insider or a professional to participate in an auction.

  • We deal with recognized auctioneers.

  • Registration at our auctions is free and takes only a few short minutes.

  • You only have to pay for the prizes you won.

  • We are honored to keep our auction fees to a minimum.

  • We do not accept to place lots at auction if they are of no interest or value.

  • We will be there to assist you in case of problems or questions.

  • You will be delighted to discover our services!

Outline now:

Our auctions usually operate according to the standard English method. What does this mean for ordinary mortals? Here's the answer: These auctions are certainly the most popular and most common of all. It is an ascending auction (the price increases during the sale) where the sales organizer (the auctioneer) starts with a starting price, each interested person then offers a higher price, By respecting a minimum bidding (also called a minimum increment). The elimination process stops when there is only one candidate left.

The property is awarded to the "highest bidder". This moment is called the adjudication, nothing more simple!

In order to participate in our auctions, you must register and obtain a participant number that will identify you throughout the auction. With this number you can bet on each of the lots. This registration is free of charge of course however a refundable security deposit may be required in some very specific occasions but do not worry, this is not common. When you register, we will ask you for certain contact details but no more so that we can identify you and ensure that your intentions are serious, however we undertake never to disclose this information to third parties for the sake of confidentiality.

We generally accept absentee bets (unless otherwise stated in the terms of the auction). This means that if a lot interests you, you can inform us in advance about your maximum bet and we bet for you until this threshold is reached. We will never bet more than the minimum bet required to keep you in the race!

For purchasers, our auction fees are usually 10% and purchases won are taxable unless otherwise stated or if you qualify for tax excemption.

The lots available at our auctions will be put online for consultation a few weeks in advance in order to allow you to make an informed choice and allow you to "monitor" these items in order to be able to bet at the beginning of the auction. You can also view the details of the auctions to find out how to inspect the lots in person and on site before the auction.

Possession and Payment

Payment of prizes won is made on or before the day of pick-up if you wish to pay by Interac e-mail or PayPal. For on-site payments, we accept payment in cash and also via debit or VISA.

The date or period of taking possession is variable for each auction, this information is specified when you register with any other terms and / or conditions. If you win lots on the spot and you are able to win them at the closing of the auction this will be possible. We can also offer you delivery arrangements, please contact our team to discuss.

If you win by absenteeism and if you can not show up at the time stipulated in the conditions of the auction to take possession of your items, we invite you to notify us as soon as possible to see if we can accomodate you. As an alternative, it is important to mention that, as our warehousing capacity is limited, we will be obliged to hand over your items for sale at the following auction and, unfortunately, will place you in position d Have to pay certain expenses or face the penalties stipulated in the conditions of the auction.