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Our engagment

Fair, honest and responsible auctions!

At Encans Phoenix Inc we make it a point to offer you reassuring, fair and honest auctions, we refuse that some people make artificially mount the bets. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen from some third-party companies that unscrupulous people who have put items on sale are betting on their own items to take advantage of your wallet and at home it is an absolutely unacceptable practice and know that we are here to make sure that with us you pay the right price!

   Why do we agree to put reserve prices on our items (minimum prices)?   
By doing this, we protect and protect both people who trust us to sell their items. In this way they know they do not have to "cheat" to get the minimum selling price they ask for because the state of reservations will be posted shortly before auction closing and their items will not be auctioned under the minimum price.

At Phoenix Auctions, you will notice that we have a duty after each of our auctions to post our sale prices after closing the auction to reassure you and also guarantee you our most faithful integrity. The bill you receive will be faithful to the last bet you placed.

We are a green and socially responsible company.

Like the mythological bird "Phoenix", we give a second life to the objects of the past. We also strive to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum by using the least amount of printed resources possible. Our invoices and consignment statements are preferably transmitted electronically and we allow you to avoid unnecessary trips by allowing you to bet on several auctions before you get your lots back to our distribution center, reducing suddenly your ecological borrowing related fuel consumption!


Support us!

You want to participate in our mission? We are always looking for "pickers" who will leave us interesting items to put on sale. We protect you by providing you with clear consignation documents and protect your minimum reserve prices. Also note that at Phoenix, we make it a point to issue payments; as soon as 80% of the batches have been recovered or within 21 days.