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Consignment and sale

To make it simple without any worry!

You have goods to sell, whether you are individuals, within a company or an NPO, entrust them to us and we take everything in hand to ensure you big gains, this as quickly as possible!

Do you have a flair? Are students or like to shop at antique shops or flea markets? Know that we are interested in knowing you! We can turn your passion into income!

  The facts before all!

  • You do not have to be an insider or a professional, we are there for everything else.

  • We deal with recognized auctioneers.

  • Signing up for our auctions is free and takes only a few short minutes, which generates a flood of potential buyers growing and very interesting.

  • You have nothing to pay as long as your lots are not sold!

  • We are honored to keep our fees to a minimum (concession, photography, insertion and commission) because we want sustainable opportunities.

  • We do not accept to place lots at auction if they are of no interest or value.

  • We will be there to assist you in case of problems or questions.

  • Depending on the frequency of your product placements, the volume of items and the quality of the items, we will make a personalized offer to work with you and offer you complete satisfaction.

Free pick-up service

You want to dispose of some goods, give them or sell them in batches, join us to learn more about our free collection service! Please be aware that for the sake of transparency and honesty, we are committed to always having the right time with you and we will offer you a fair return on the goods collected and sold. Our expenses incurred deducted of course.

We can also help you:

  • The liquidations of bankruptcies and seizures.

  • The liquidation of inventories and commercial closures.

  • Sales of private collections.

  • Empty-lofts and sales of garages.

  • Recovery of building materials.

  • Sales for relocation or transfers.

  • Financing sales (student activities and / or NPOs).

  • And more...